Reportable Occurrences

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Under RIDDOR, dangerous occurrences where there were no injuries must be reported.  Examples of occurrences that would be reportable include the collapse, overturning or failure of any load-bearing part of any lifting equipment, other than an accessory for lifting. Also, any plant or equipment unintentionally coming into contact with an uninsulated overhead electric line in which the voltage exceeds 200 volts or close proximity with such an electric line and then causes an electrical discharge. Any explosion or fire caused by an electrical short circuit or overload (including those resulting from accidental damage to the electrical plant) which either results in the stoppage of the plant involved for more than 24 hours or causes a significant risk of death.
Any accident or incident which results or could have resulted in the release or escape of a biological agent likely to cause severe human infection or illness must be reported.

Partial or complete collapses including falling, buckling or overturning of a substantial part of any scaffold more than 5 metres in height, any supporting part of any slung or suspended scaffold which causes a working platform to fall whether it is in use or not and where the partial or complete collapse of scaffolding could put a person at risk of drowning if they were to fall from the scaffold must be reported.

Explosions, discharges or an intentional fire or ignition which causes any injury to a person requiring first-aid or medical treatment, other than at a mine or quarry must be reported.

When a demolition fails to the extent of collapse or there is a failure in the direction of fall of a structure in any demolition operation would be a reportable dangerous occurrence.

Other dangerous occurrences include any explosion or fire which either results in the stoppage of the plant involved for more than 24 hours; or causes a significant risk of death.