What Information Goes in the Accident Book

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The books are designed to make completing the report correctly a simple process. The information needed includes the name, address and occupation of the person who had the accident and also that of the person who is recording the accident.

The information about the accident should include the date and time, where and how the accident happened, and if the accident resulted in injury the report should include what the injury was. The person filling out the report should then sign and date it.

The employee should also sign and date the report and tick the consent box if they agree to their personal information and details of the accident contained in the report to be used by representatives.

The final box is for the employers use only and is used for accidents that need to be reported under RIDDOR. The information that is required if it is reportable would include Information about how it was reported and the date it was reported, after which it should then be signed by the employer.